Love Yourself First: 5 Great Ways To Show Self-Love

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

“Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I will love who I am.”

Janelle Monáe.

Loving yourself is important. It is the only way that you can learn to truly give love to others and be happy. Even though we must be able to juggle wearing many hats for different people in our lives, you still have to take time to show some love to yourself. You have to love yourself first in order to find happiness. Here are 6 great ways to show yourself some love.

Love Yourself First: 5 Great Ways To Show Self-Love

1. Pamper Yourself

Pampering yourself can mean something different to different people. However, it is a great way to show some self-love. You may be one of those people that find pampering yourself to be shallow or selfish, it’s not. In fact, it’s the best thing you could do. A few ways to pamper yourself include:

  • Take a relaxing bath
  • Go get a manicure/pedicure
  • Materialize it: go buy something nice for yourself
  • Get a massage

You could even take a trip alone. It’s not as bad as it sounds and you may find alone time is just what you need. Remember being alone is not the same as feeling lonely. Alone time can be beneficial, especially when you’re just focusing on you.

2. Learn to Say No

“You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love’s no longer being served.”

Nina Simone

You may want to help everyone but it is important to remember to help yourself as well. There will be times where you feel like you have to do everything for everyone. It is important to show self-love by learning to say no sometimes. Whether it be saying no to going out or turning down favors that you’re just not up to doing, it’s okay to say no. Your friends and family will understand. Sometimes you just have to do what is best for you.

3. Make Time For You

What better way to show some self-love than to have a little “me time?” It may seem selfish, but it is never selfish to make time for yourself. Making time for yourself is necessary and can help you get to know yourself better. Sometimes you need to eliminate things that you don’t need in order to make time for things you do. If you enjoy reading, making pottery, or gardening, making some time to do the things you love can be the best thing for you. Get back to doing the things that make you feel good about yourself.

4. Meditate

Meditation can help put things into perspective. It can help you become closer to your inner self and keep you more grounded. It also aids in treatment of depression, anxiety, and stress. You can use self-love affirmations during guided meditation. If you chose self-guided meditation, you can:

  • Sit and Breathe
  • Relax
  • FOCUS!

It is a great way to practive self-love in order to heighten your self-esteem. Meditation would be a good way to spend some of your dedicated “me-time.”

5. Unplug to Recharge

Yes, you read that correctly. In order to recharge yourself and show some real self-love, take a step back from technology. More specifically, social media. Why is this so important? Because it helps you get energized about you again. So much time is spent on trying to make yourself look like something you aren’t on social media. This is why so many people lose themselves in social media.

In order for you to show greater self-love, try taking a few hours a day from social media. You can choose to take a longer hiatus, if you prefer. It also gives you some free time to do other things you enjoy, like cooking or bike riding. You may even pick up a new hobby or get some much needed rest, you never know until you try!

Show Yourself Some Love!

“When you need to be loved, you take love wherever you can find it. When you are desperate to be loved, feel love, know love, you seek out what you think love should look like. When you find love, or what you think love is, you will lie, kill, and steal to keep it. But learning about real love comes from within. It cannot be given. It cannot be taken away. It grows from your ability to recreate within yourself, the essence of loving experiences you have had in your life.”

Iyanla Vanzant

It is important to show self-love. It’s necessary when trying to be truly happy. It can aid in your process to get to know yourself, which can in turn boost your self-esteem. These are just some of many ways that you can use to show some self-love. How will you show yourself some love? Leave a comment below.

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